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Luscious Lips

1" Lip Balm

.05oz Lip Balm

Shea Butter|Bees Wax|Coconut Oil

CBD+THC Active Ingredients

Splash of Peppermint


.05oz Lip Balm

Shea Butter|Bees Wax|Coconut Oil

CBD+THC Active Ingredients

Splash of Pepperming

White Label|With Label

Wholesale with/box dispenser 

Bulk: 1" round - 49ea. 

Bulk: Chapstick - 24ea.

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People Are Saying

I have the gift of healing in  my pocket,

I love the feeling this lip balm gives my lips, "like a wet'N'wild feel"

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Alyssa K.

Middlesex, New Jersey 


Wholesale price is lower than anyone's by a big margin, I can actually see the difference after one evening wearing it to bed. I know their going to raise their pricing, to good to be true..

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Samuel D.

Salton Sea, California

Super-Healing That Takes Place

Healing That Takes Place-

Is unmeasured, When you strip the THC from CBD you are left with something that underperforms by more than 1/2. It makes no sense anyway you look at it. Take note whoever came up with the idea to strip THC from CBD, knew what they were doing. It's not rocket science. But it is a good idea to keep people from understanding true healing attributes CBD+THC together carry. Our blend does not disturb mothernatures formula. We do add Shea-Butter | Beeswax and Cocoa Butter plus a small list of vitamins and minerals that boosts the CBD healing affect. To make a consistency that will not only guard your lips from the wind but will heal them as well. Leaving them feeling            "Oh So Luscious" 

Order 1" Round Lip Balm

1" Round .05oz           


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Luscious Lips

I want the Balm

  • Grown right in DownTown Loveland Colorado.

    No pesticides used, all organic.

    Freshest and Cleanest Cannabis West of Mississippi.

    Possesses Healing Attributes;

    That are hard to come-by.

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